Tempest® Drying Systems


  • The Tempest® Hot Air Dryer keeps the temperature of the pile constant to accelerate the drying process without the negative effects of excess heat.
  • Because the set temperature of the thermistor is lower than the flash point of paper, the most easily burned substrate such as tissue paper can be placed on top of the thermistor element without causing a fire.
  • Additional passes through the press can be made in significantly less time with fewer worries about set-off or blocking
  • Dramatically reduced powder use, resulting in less powder build on multiple pass work and higher print quality
  • Productivity increased as jobs can be folded, cut, bound, collated and delivered sooner.

Available for:

A.B. Dick: 9985, 9995
Hamada: C248, C252 H234 & 234A
Heidelberg: Quickmaster 46 (1 & 2 color)
Itek: 960, 975, 985, 3985
Ryobi: 2800,3200,3200MCD, 3302, 3304H, 512, 522 (excludes 522PF), 524, 524HX